Cranial Cradle Pads for Bassinets
& Diaper Changing Tables
Standard Size

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There are many decisions for you to make prior to the arrival of your newborn baby.  Choosing a bassinet for your baby to sleep in is still one of the best options for new parents to keep their baby close to them at night-time.  You’ll find it’s important to feel secure in knowing that when you lay your baby down to sleep each night, you’re giving your baby all of the advantages in life to safely thrive and prosper.

Cranial Cradle Pads for Bassinets & Diaper Changing Tables are made with 2.75 inches of high-density, ultra-firm, foam core padding and are uniquely designed, rectangular, replacement pads with a contoured pod for your baby's delicate head and body, with additional neck support.  The Cranial Cradle Collection’s revolutionary design consists of a sculpted pod area which may reduce external pressure on your baby's head during the critical first 0-3 months when their heads are taking shape.  Pressure that is exerted by laying a baby down on a flat surface can lead to plagiocephaly, a condition more commonly known as “flat-head syndrome”.  This design may reduce the risk of cranial deformations as well as cranial-related developmental delays, and may also help your baby to sleep more soundly by giving them a sense of security similar to swaddling when they are placed within the contours of the pod.

Once your baby is ready to begin sleeping on their Cranial Cradle Pod Crib Mattress or Pod Crib Mattress for Repositioning, just convert your Cranial Cradle Bassinet Pad to a Diaper Changing Table Pad!  The antimicrobial surface and moisture-resistant fabric allows for some seriously easy clean up!  The pod helps to keep your wiggly little one in place, while also reducing excess pressure on their cranium which can contribute to flattening, developmental abnormalities and cognitive delays.  The 2.75 inches of superior quality ultra-firm foam core used in all Cranial Cradle Pads for Bassinets & Diaper Changing Tables is unparalleled.  This non-toxic, high-density foam provides maximum support and comfort for your baby for the entirety of their precious time spent sleeping in their bassinet, and continues to be valuable and trustworthy throughout the duration of your child’s infancy and beyond.



cranial cradle bassinet pad
  • Superior quality high-density foam pad provides maximum comfort and support for your child’s delicate head and body
  • Interior contoured pod area nestles and cradles your babies head and body while supporting their neck
  • 2.75 inches thick for amazing comfort
  • Firm foam core for ultimate support
  • Moisture-resistant protective cover
  • Square corners for snug fit
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • Made with phthalate-compliant, fire-resistant, lead-free, and non-toxic materials as required by law
  • Meets and exceeds all federal and state safety testing standards as required by The Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Standard Size Measures:  15  x  30  x  2.75 inches
  • Fits 15 - 16 inch  x  30 inch bassinets or cradles
  • Fits 15 - 16 inch  x  30 inch bassinet or cradle sheets
  • Product Weight:  1 lb. 6 oz.
  • Made in the USA with imported component / zipper only